• [Dog is running across the street and comes to the house. He close the door.]
  • Cat: How is it going, Dog?
  • Dog: Great Cat, Great.
  • Daggett: Hey, Cat. What are you cooking?
  • Cat: A Stew.
  • Ickis: Hey Cat!
  • Cat: Ickis, you didn't ask me. Go back.
  • Ickis: [screams and sees the KC3 SB and bursts out] WHAT THE HECK IS THAT?!?! [running] I'll go somewhere else? Sarah! Jimmy! You gotta help me run of the burst. [Sarah and Jimmy run]
  • Norbert: Listen, Ickis. You didn't do this to me.
  • Ickis: Norbert, you couldn't have the permission to need the situation. [He looks and sees the freakout pictures] WHAT DID WE DO?!?!? [screams] IT'S HORRIBLE! WE NEED TO GO FIND DAGGETT!
  • Daggett: I'm over here. Ickis, why did you think it is?
  • Norbert: Dag, You really have six legs.
  • Daggett: No, I don't have six legs!
  • Cat: So, Dagget. How is it doing?
  • Daggett: [jealous] See Cat. You don't have permission, and I got one for another.