Portrayer: Jim Cummings
Friends: Dog, Daggett, Ickis, Jimmy, Jonny, SpongeBob
Enemies: Oblina, Krumm (former), Norbert (former), Sarah
First Appearance: The Touch Guy

Cat is one of the two protagonists in CatDog. Cat is the smarter, more clever and more cunning of the two. He is voiced by Jim Cummings.


Cat is a golden-brown cat with spots. He has an oval red nose, triangular ears, and whiskers. He doesn't have a full body because he is conjoined with his brother Dog and can't be seperated without him and Dog being together, which is hard at times when they want to be in a diffrent direction, they fight.


  • Cat is the older brother to Dog.
  • Oddly despite being intelligent cat never graduated high school as a kid, although this was likely due to physical Cat were he never was able to climb a rope to ring the bell, making him a laughing stock to the point of leaving school in shame.
  • He drives well, but also oddly is that Dog has a drivers license while Cat for unknown reasons doesn't have one, even though Dog is never seen driving any motor vehicle.
  • The likely reason Cat became greedy and selfish and short tempered was probably due to being treated like a underdog and never earning respect from anyone, making Cat do not care for almost anyone with the exception of his brother, Dog who always did his best to cheer him up and love him no matter what, which sometimes brings Cat his soft side.
  • Cat has a personality like rabbit from Winnie the Pooh, coinsidentally Cat's enemy is a rabbit and Jim Cumming who voices cat also voices Pooh and Tigger. Not to mention Tom Kenny voices Rabbit in the 2011 Pooh Movie.