• [Sarah, Jimmy, and Jonny are playing in the sandbox. Sarah and Jimmy are on one side, making castles.]
  • Sarah: Ready? Whee! [She lifts the bucket, revealing a perfectly formed castle.]
  • Jimmy: I'm as happy as the day is long, Sarah!
  • Jonny: [looking through binoculars] Okay, you tell me, because I am stumped! [He lets Plank look.]
  • [Jimmy puts icing all over the castle. Sarah then adds four candles. Jonny and Plank look at each other, confused. Sarah then adds a cherry to the top.]
  • Jonny: Well if they can make a cake out of dirt, we can make a doughnut! [He grabs a shovel only to find Sarah holding on to the end of it.] Me and Plank are making a doughnut!
  • Sarah: So what? We were using that.
  • Jonny: Don't you like doughnuts? [Sarah throws him into the cake.] Are you a doughnut hater?
  • Sarah: [swinging Jonny around] Gimme it, Jonny! [Plank is hit into a mud puddle.] You and Plank can get your own shovel! [Plank swells up to enormous proportions.]
  • Jonny: You got Plank wet! [He draws the shovel back, and then lets Sarah have it. The shovel hits Sarah in the face.]
  • Jimmy: Let's share! Please? We were having so much fun!
  • Sarah: [getting up] JONNY! [She proceeds to pound Jonny.]
  • Jimmy: Stop it! Stop it, you two! My heart is sinking into a sea of sadness!
  • [Cat and Dog are riding a bike, There is a Nasty Dog in the fence.]
  • Cat: Don't get too close, Dog. He looks mean.
  • Dog: Don't worry, Cat. We'll speak the same language! [looks on a fighting contest]
  • Jimmy: I'm so unhappy! [He runs away crying. Cat screams and burst in a fence and runs everywhere.]
  • Dog: [barking] Hey, buddy! [A Nasty Dog jumps on the edge and get closer to him.] Come down, pal. You're making a big mistake, I'm a dog, too.
  • Nasty Dog: Not no more, you not! Once you put on that hat, You're a paperboy!
  • Dog: How dare you call me that?
  • Nasty Dog: Face it! You're a paperboy, paperboy! And you're bad games... [He chases both.]

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